RTLS Technology to Resolve Arising Hybrid Workplace Challenges

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The raging pandemic had completely distorted the activities of the business sector. Companies were shut down and many resorted to remote working to ensure business continuity. As the situation began to improve, companies have begun to welcome their employees back to the offices. Many have established a hybrid working environment for their employees to ease […]

Driving Digitization Across Businesses using Location-Based Technology

The discovery of many disruptive technologies has been a blessing to numerous enterprises, giving them the opportunity to transition to new phases of innovation. Of these, the location-based technologies had a significant impact on various enterprise operations, including resource management and business expansion. The GPS and IoT-powered solutions have brought a sense of collective collaboration […]

The Future of RTLS Technology in Healthcare

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The integration of Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) technology in healthcare facilities has been a trending topic lately. The RTLS technology can help hospitals and clinics keep track of their resources and achieve optimum optimization in their work process. In addition to these, patient tracking using location solutions, especially connected wearables, are being practiced in some […]

Transforming the Manufacturing Sector Using Digital Twins

The digital twin technology has enabled the production of virtual copies of enterprise operations, machines and equipment, supply chains, and more. The location data collected from the physical environment through IoT sensors ensure the creation of digital twins, bringing structural and operational insights into products and processes.       The increasing adoption of IoT and big data […]

The Scope of IoT in the Healthcare Industry

The growing traction of IoT in the healthcare sector has opened possibilities to scale medical service offerings and patient satisfaction rates. By using IoT-powered devices, doctors are able to remotely monitor the patient’s health, thereby ensuring the patient’s safety and offering consistent treatment throughout. This innovative practice has paved the way to improved patient experience […]

Reinventing Smart Factories with UWB Positioning Technology

Smart factories are one among the many examples showcasing the true capabilities of technology advancements. The innovation in the manufacturing sector paved the way for smarter adoptions, resulting in five times more productivity and improved rationalization of inventory and capital expenditure.  Latest reports on manufacturing evolution suggest that the global smart factory market is expected […]

Leveraging Location Intelligence in the Retail Sector

The retail industry has seen exponential growth in recent times. To keep up with their own success, it is time for them to employ innovative strategies at the earliest. Location intelligence (LI) is one of the tried and tested strategies by top retailers to expand their customer base. The rise in mobile devices for shopping […]

The Angle of Arrival and Precise Location Tracking

When it comes to accurate indoor location data, you can rely on the Angle of Arrival (AoA) method using the Bluetooth 5.1 standard. With AoA, the direction of the incoming signal is measured by observing the angular phase shifts between the antennas (of the receiving device) as they receive the RF signals. This data can […]