AssistPlus for Hospital

Hospital management authorities today are increasingly looking for ways to take the facilities for patient care and staff management to the next level. AssistPlus for hospitals is designed with a view of eliminating all the major glitches faced by hospitals in location management, equipment handling, clinical care and patient data management.


Staff Locating

Assistplus lets you enable real-time automated nurse calls and more efficient emergency care for patients. The beacons worn by doctors and nurses will help admins locate and alert them easily and this helps the hospital admins ensure that proper care and timely diagnosis are delivered to the patients without any compromise on quality.

Real-time location

Assistplus lets you keep track of the real-time location of doctors, patients and staff within the office premises. Tracing and notifying a doctor or staff in case of an emergency can be done in just a matter of seconds with Assistplus


Assistplus gives you detailed reports about the time spent by a doctor or staff with each of the patients assigned to them. This will help in having a detailed analysis of the daily activities of doctors and staff in the hospital and the quality of care received by the patients

Equipment tracking

Keep track of the position and movement of all the equipment in the hospital and receive timely alerts on equipment malfunctioning or misplacement so that you can initiate prompt action as per requirement

Patient management

Assistplus helps you automate entire cycle of processes in patient management - from recording the time the patient enters the hospital, the movement path of patient inside the hospital, the details of consultation, details of prescribed medication and the time of exit from the hospital. Eliminate paperwork and make it all digital.

Wayfinding made easy

With Assistplus in their mobile device, visitors can instantly locate the position of the patient they want to meet and easily find their way through the hospital building. It can also lead the visitor back to the parking space by locating the position of their vehicle in the bay.

Quarantine Assessment

Identify rooms to quarantine and isolate infected people showing symptoms

Asset Management

Monitor and manage medical assets with minimal human interaction, reduce overhead costs on Inventory Management

Effective Facility Utilization

RTLS help in real-time analysis of resources used and provides AI-powered usage reports to increase ROI


The accurate and in-depth analysis reports provided by Assistplus help you analyse each aspect that influences the smooth functioning of hospitals, including staff competence and equipment functioning.

Working report chart (Doctor)

Reports showing the amount of time spent by a doctor with each patient on a day

Working report chart (Nurse)

Reports on the time spent by nurses in each area in the hospital on a day


How it works