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An agile supply chain is more vital than ever today and that is the reason why we are turning to process automation to facilitate smoother, faster and accurate operations. assistplus for warehouses is designed to help warehouse managers beat the competition in every step of the way, from supply chain to sales and delivery. It makes real-time inventory tracking easier and more accurate than ever before.

Quick & Instant

Quicker adoption and operational from day-one use at offices

Higher ROI

Extremely cost-effective and affordable solution. Higher RoI in minimum time

Future Ready

Future ready solution with AI/ML capabilities to minimize workload and accurate results

How assistplus can help you to convert your typical warehouse to a smart warehouse?

Asset Management

Current manual processes of locating assets in warehouses are labour intensive and inefficient. assistplus will keep track of the location and movement of assets accurately with minimal time and effort.

Improve Process Efficiency

The efficiency of processes can be tracked effectively using assistplus. It ensures that each of the staff covers necessary check points that need to be checked to confirm proper management of inventory at each section.

Real-time Inventory Location

assistplus keeps track of the position and movement of inventory in real-time and takes appropriate action to ensure zero waiting time for transportation and minimal wastage of time and effort.

Improve Security

assistplus helps improve the security of goods in the warehouse by preventing assets from leaving their allotted premises and alerts managers if any assets enter an unauthorized area in the warehouse.


assistplus generates detailed reports on the real-time list of goods to be sent to other locations (warehouse to store or store to store) and the list of merchandise on transit at any time.

Real-time Alerts

assistplus provides real-time alerts to warehouse managers when goods are picked up from the warehouse and also when goods are delivered to the desired location.

Environment Monitoring

assistplus can regulate working conditions with smart sensors to check on physical parameters like temperature, humidity, etc.

Crew Safety

assistplus helps monitor the safety of the crew with hazardous area alerts, location monitoring, and activity analyzer.

Effective Work Hour Monitoring

assistplus ensures proper work monitoring of the crew with location analysis, time spent statistics, idle status checker and more.

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