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How we automated staff management and asset management in a leading hospital using assistplus RTLS

assistplus RTLS
In a nutshell.

  • Track location and activities of hospital staff automatically without manual action

  • Keep track of the position and movement paths of equipment inside hospital premises

  • Define allowed and restricted zones for staff, and receive instant alerts if anyone enters a no-entry zone

  • Detailed reports on time spent by doctors and staff with patients

  • Analyse equipment utilisation and plan accordingly

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With more than 100,000 patients each year, our client’s hospital is one of the busiest in the city. As patient volume started increasing, it was becoming harder for the management to keep track of the staff and patients’ location. Information was incorrect about 20 percent of the time which meant that staff didn’t know the exact location of 50 to 60 of the daily patients. Without an efficient, reliable way to keep track of patients’ location, the hospital was facing long wait times and a high percentage of patients leaving without treatment. Staff time was wasted, too, as the staff made numerous phone calls and canvassed rooms to locate the patients.


Controlling costs while maintaining and improving the quality of care can be a challenge. Our state of the art RTLS technology solution met the hospital’s requirements with real-time management capabilities, alerting, etc.

  • Hospital wanted to monitor the staff and their activities inside/outside the hospital premises in real-time

  • Automate staff attendance without any manual action

  • Track the location of various assets automatically

  • Analyze the asset utilization and plan resource allocations accordingly


With our extremely cost-effective and affordable solution, there was a minimum infrastructure and quick deployment in the hospital. The Bluetooth Smart ID Cards facilitated real-time location analytics used to log the attendance which eliminated any kind of manual intervention. For an efficient and accurate mechanism to locate assets within the hospital, we have attached smart tags to every device.

  • Smart ID Cards/Tags were assigned to hospital doctors, staff, and assets to be monitored

  • CloudSense (Sensors) will be installed at strategic locations based on the accuracy required. The location information from devices will be sent in real-time to the cloud

  • The Assistplus cloud will be continuously receiving, processing, and storing information from the CloudSense devices

  • Hospital administrators will have access to an admin web console and dashboard where details like the tracking reports can be viewed and analyzed in real-time

A powerful and interactive dashboard was provided to the hospital administrators for monitoring the staff & assets whereabouts, real-time tracking, analytical reports, and finally also to monitor the time spent by staff at specific locations.

Hardware Used

Smart tags

  • Smart RF device using Bluetooth low energy.

  • Water and Dust resistant.

  • Over 2 years of battery life.


  • The smart sensor directly connects with the cloud.

  • Works using Bluetooth low energy.

  • Communication capability built over Wi-Fi 2.4GHz protocol.

  • Built-in storage capability to keep collecting information

Smart ID Card

  • Smart RF device using Bluetooth low energy.

  • Water and Dust resistant.

  • Over 4 years of battery life.

  • Credit card size for convenience.

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