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How assistplus helped a Japanese hospital achieve 30% growth in revenue by obtaining an effective insight into every aspect of daily operations

Assistplus RTLS
In a nutshell.

  • Instant alerts/notifications to patients

  • Seamless navigation and tracking of equipment

  • Crowd management

  • Reports & analytics

  • Detailed reports on the time spent by doctors and staff with patients

  • Equipment utilization reports and resource planning

  • 30% increase in overall revenue with minimal investment

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The client is a state-of-the-art super speciality hospital with a capacity of 2600 beds. The hospital employs over 8000 people and is one of the most technologically advanced healthcare facilities in Japan. Recently they had acquired a dental hospital and increased their overall built up area along with modern technology upgrades and equipment to provide improved patient care.


The hospital was using traditional ways to manage patients, staff and assets. With the increase in the number of patients every year, running daily operations with efficiency and in a short time started to pose a big challenge for the hospital management. They were in need of a solution which could provide an effective way to manage the process flow of outpatient care including registration, indoor navigation, medical consultation and medicine procurement.

  • Management of outpatient journey

  • Effective real-time navigation within hospital

  • Equipment tracking and utilization

  • Real-time reporting and analytics

  • Automation of staff attendance


Assistplus, our IoT based location and live analytics solution will track and monitor doctors, nurses, patients in addition to the medical equipment in the hospital.The solution helped automate patients’ test procedures, obtain real-time analytics like path travelled, last seen location and much more. The deployment and implementation required minimal infrastructure upgrades at the client hospital and delivered an affordable, accurate monitoring of staff, patients & equipment in real-time.

With this extremely cost-effective and affordable solution, our client achieved a 30% increase in revenue and most importantly they’ve eliminated long patient queues and extra lead time taken to locate equipment in the hospital.
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