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How we helped an automotive dealer increase their operational efficiency with assistplus

Assistplus RTLS
In a nutshell.

  • During a vehicle’s entry and exit in a service station, the whole location information and path traced by those vehicles must be available in real-time for the admins.

  • Time spent by a specific vehicle in each service station has to be logged.

  • For providing better insights to the customers, the client needs comprehensive analytics reports regarding the services provided.

  • By analyzing the generated insights, they must be enable to take informed decision to enhance their operational efficiency which leads to cost savings.

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Our client is the #1 dealer of India’s top selling car company. They were grabbing the best dealer award continuously for the past 13 years.  This is because of their excellent customer service, dedication and integrity. Their business is primarily focused in south India and they are about to increase their presence all over the country. They also have used car sales, multi brand car servicing, spare parts business etc. They started their business in the middle of the 80’s and are still ruling the car dealership market because of their customer service.


As mentioned earlier,  the client is from the automobile industry and there will be a lot of movement happening in their service area. Their primary goal is to keep track of every car’s movement, time spent on different areas etc. on a real time basis. After we have carefully understood their requirements, we’ve curated the following points and started working on a solution with our RTLS technology.

  • A smart solution which can monitor the path traced by the vehicles inside a service station

  • A smart solution to keep track of the time spent by vehicles in each stations and the operator who serviced the vehicle

  • A smart solution to generate comprehensive analytics reports that helps both customer and service stations


We have different types of Smart sensors and Smart tags which seamlessly integrate with our powerful cloud servers for real-time management capabilities, alerting and monitoring.

  • Smart sensors will be installed inside the service stations

  • Smart sensors push data to a central cloud, which updates real-time information of vehicles

  • An exclusive assistplus web application for service station admins to monitor vehicle movement and AI-powered reports in real-time

Key benefits after implementing our solution:

  • Obtained real-time movement of vehicles inside the service station

  • Able to instantly find the vehicles across the service station and locate its whereabouts

  • Incoming/outgoing vehicles could be recorded without manual action in addition to tracking each vehicle in the premises

  • Detailed real-time reports and analytical dashboards on resource utilization and vehicle management were made available

  • Administrators received an alert on their smartphone to notify them if a vehicle was moved from its assigned location

  • Able to analyze movement patterns and hot paths for audit, security and planning operations

  • Defined allowed and restricted zones and received instant alerts when a vehicle left/entered any zone

  • Live status of vehicles in any zone at any time were available in real-time

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