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How we transformed our client’s hotel into a smart hotel using assistplus RTLS

assistplus RTLS
Travel & Tourism
In a nutshell.

  • Door opening mechanism via smartphone.

  • Indoor navigation system.

  • Booking hotel services using smartphone.

  • Asset management.

  • Employee attendance and time sheet tracking.

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Hotel industry and leisure facilities are persistently trying to find new ways to attract and retain customers. Our client’s hotel was a three star hotel and when they got their five star accreditation they wanted to get rid of conventional management of hotels. Their main objective was to provide every service that they have via a digital medium using a centralised management platform.


When our team analyzed the client’s business requirements we found that they wanted a complete digital transformation from conventional management of hotels to digital management. With our digital transformation, there will be less stress on the manpower and maximum precision in every task, so that they can create a world class experience for customers. 

Below are the major areas we have covered in this project:

  • Automated check-in and check-out, no more queues

  • Asset tracking such as luggage racks, cleaning carts, etc

  • Smart room customizations like lighting, room temperature, smart food menus

  • Smart locks and keyless entry to rooms


As there is an interaction between customers and hotel staff, we’ve developed a mobile app for customers who visit the hotel. This lets customers manage all the hotel facilities via smartphone or tablet. 

  • Smart sensors (CloudSense) were installed at selected points in the various locations in the hotel

  • Beacon cards were distributed to staff. Beacon tags were attached to all assets so that the management team can easily track and identify various items in the hotel

  • Implemented automated check-in using smartphones which allowed guests to avoid lines at the reception desk and receive their room keys (or room codes) with ease

  • Guests can use their smartphones to make use of different room services that are available in the hotel

  • We’ve installed smart sensors in the parking area to allow guests to reserve parking spots in advance for their visit, and to have their space assigned upon arrival
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