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How we transformed the management of workers and equipment in a leading construction company using assistplus

assistplus RTLS
Middle East
In a nutshell.
  • Track the movement of workers and equipment in real-time

  • Get reports of utilization, planned vs. actual usage

  • Equipment and vehicle movement monitoring

  • Monitor the location and movement of crew and equipment, reserve equipment; see if a resource is already scheduled on another job, and improve resource allocation

  • Centrally managed dashboard for administrators

  • Track the movement of thousands of assets and people on a building site

  • Know when workers are in their assigned areas, see when assets are carried off of the job site, keep an accurate accounting of labor hours, and much more

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Construction is still one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, with job sites consisting of complex networks of people, equipment, and activities that are dangerous and ever changing. Our client is primarily focused on their businesses in the Middle East and they have a workforce of around 1500 people working in different locations. Their primary goal is to centrally manage the activities of all workers and equipment.


The development of Real-Time Location Sensing (RTLS) technology has created a fascinating data acquisition tool for the construction industry. This has allowed construction managers to monitor site productivity, manage materials/assets, supervise labor, and safety through the accurate collection and analysis of location based data. The following are the major areas we have covered in this project.

  • Need for a system to monitor the movement of equipment

  • Geo-fencing sensitive areas and creating alerts in unauthorized access

  • An efficient system to monitor the activities of workers in all sites

  • Analyzing the generated insights to make informed decisions to enhance their operational efficiency which leads to cost savings


We have different types of Smart sensors and Smart tags which will seamlessly integrate with our powerful cloud servers for real-time management capabilities, alerting, and monitoring.

  • Smart sensors (CloudSense) were installed at selected points in the various sites.

  • Beacon cards were distributed to staff in the construction site. Beacon tags were attached to machines and vehicles coming in and going out of the construction site.

  • The intuitive alert system of assistplus generated alerts to notify construction managers about the movement of employees and vehicles.

  • Collision avoidance in vehicles and moving equipment.

Key benefits observed after  implementing our solution:

  • Assurance that goods and construction materials in the warehouse never go out of stock

  • Effective surveillance of goods moving in/out of the warehouse

  • 20% increase in speed and accuracy of operations

  • Better monitoring of workers’ activities
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