AssistPlus for offices

Companies today are increasingly looking for ways to optimize employee management. Studies have proved that companies which practice efficient employee management strategies experience 22% higher revenue growth and 23% higher profit growth.

AssistPlus for office is designed to let employers analyse every aspect of operation of an office including employee productivity, resource optimization, office space utilization and much more.


Automated attendance

Replace old-fashioned card punching and time logging with beacon smart cards. Assistplus lets you handle all the attendance tracking in the background, without any need to worry about filling in the logs or checking biometric scanners.

Access control

Assistplus lets you define allowed and restricted areas for employees within the building premises and gives you instant alerts if a person enters an unauthorized area.

Movement paths

Assistplus lets you keep track of the movement paths of employees within the office premises so that you can analyse the time spent by employee during the office time.

Resource planning

With the intelligent analysis tools of Assistplus, you can analyse the resource utilization in office and plan accordingly to ensure minimal wastage of resources and proficient usage of office space.

Employee optimization

Assistplus helps you optimize the performance of your workforce by making sure that the right employee is at the right place at the right time. This in turn leads to optimum productivity and improved ROI.


Assistplus gives you detailed reports on the time spent by each employee in different areas so that you can conduct in-depth analysis of employee interests and demands to cultivate an improved work culture and increase employee loyalty.

Employee Safety

Ensure maximum safety of employees with like Instant Emergency alerts system, real-time monitoring of employees and more

Enhance Workflows

AI-powered analytics can help create highly scalable workflows for maximum ROI

Space Optimization

Office layouts which give the best working efficiency can be designed with Built-in Floor plans in the RTLS solution


Each organization has its own unique requirements to ensure successful business outcomes. The flexible reporting tools in Assistplus are designed in such a way that it can be scaled to meet your exact demands

Location Analysis

Detailed analysis of the total time, maximum time and average time spent by employees in each area within the office premises

Attendance Report

Detailed report of attendance details of each employee. Reports can be filtered by day, week, month or year.

Entry / Exit Log Report

Detailed reports on the entry-exit time and total time spent by employees in each area in the office on a day