Enhance your business performance in real-time by tracking and analyzing your resources using assistplus

How does assistplus work?

For businesses looking to continuously optimise operations and generate savings, assistplus is an integrated (software/hardware/cloud) solution that offers the best ROI without disrupting existing business operations to maximise savings.

Employees in an organization will be given a Bluetooth smart ID card which continuously transmits Bluetooth signals.

Sensors detect the smart ID cards nearby by means of which the location and movement paths of employees and functioning of equipment can be traced.

Management will get detailed reports on the real-time location and activities of employees and assets within the office premises. 

How assistplus transforms your work environment?

From simplifying processes to improving profit levels, assistplus’ unique intelligent analytics gear businesses to get the best out of our organization workforce.
inventory management assistplus rtls

Inventory Management

Reduce human interaction in inventory and asset management with instant data on goods left, vacant space utilization & more

Facility utilization

Facility Utilization

Office layouts which gives the best working efficiency can be designed with built-in floor plans in the RTLS solution

Employee Safety assistplus rtls

Employee Safety

Ensure safety of employees with RTLS by setting emergency alerts system for safety violation and indoor navigation

Digital Signage management

Signage Management

Increase customer relationship with RTLS by giving offers to their personal devices without manual intervention

Customer Experience assitplus rtls

Customer Experience Improvement

IoT based RTLS makes employee monitoring effortless in addition to indoor navigation for all employees to save time

Warehouse & fleet management

Fleet & Warehouse Operations Management

Administrators & operations managers can monitor location and operations in real time

Extended integration

Extended Integration

Seemlesly integrate with any kind of devices like security camera, access control devices, GPS devices etc

Workforce management

Workforce Management

assistplus can monitor each employee during the office hours which helps organizations conduct in-depth analysis.

Revenue Generation

Revenue Generation

Use your operations data reports along with predictive analytics to identify bottlenecks and optimize resource usage

Where can assistplus create business impact?

assistplus’ compatibilty with major industry verticals have spawned multitudes of use-cases that have helped businesses solve real-world problems with tangible impact.

Facilities & Offices

assistplus for office gives employers a deep insight into every aspect of operations in an office like which in turn will pave the way for better business outcomes and increased ROI.

Industrial Operations

assistplus for industries helps streamline functions like inventory management, production assembly line optimisation with minimal effort that will help achieve better control and efficiency.

Healthcare & Hospitals

assistplus for healthcare will help in eliminating major hurdles faced by hospitals in location management, equipment handling, clinical care and patient data management to offer the best healthcare experience.

How does assistplus drive transformation across industries?

assistplus has driven many major industries solve real-world problems by generating, tangible metrics and analytics that has helped reach quick and fast ROI along with enhanced working efficiencies.

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