for Offices

AssistPlus for office lets employers achieve an effective insight into every aspect of operation within the office, including employee productivity, and resource optimization, which in turn will pave way for better business outcomes and increased ROI.

for warehouses

AssistPlus for warehouses enables warehouse managers to efficiently monitor and manage the location and details of assets in warehouses, which will help in achieving better control ever over the entire inventory management cycle.

for Hospitals

Hospital management authorities today are increasingly looking for ways to ways to take the facilities for patient care and staff management to the next level. AssistPlus for hospitals is designed with a view of eliminating all the major glitches faced by hospitals in location management, equipment handling, clinical care and patient data management.

Assistplus is powered by Real-time location system (RTLS)

RTLS creates an intelligent ecosystem that uses smart devices connected through IoT to monitor, control, and manage various operations and working conditions in offices.

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Salient Features of Assistplus

Interactive floor plans

Distinct floor plans show the whereabouts of employees across the office

Effective space utilization

Identify free spaces in the office for effective space utilization

Employee Locating

Locate your colleagues and their status at the office in real-time

Employee Board

A common display screen in the office allows all employees to their colleagues’ status in real-time

In-depth Reports

Obtain instant AI powered location intelligent alerts for increased ROI

Easy to implement

Easy to use solution with minimal implementation time for setting up in offices


AssistPlus is a multi-utility platform that can be used in various industry verticals for people and asset tracking. The benefits of AssistPlus scale over a multitude of applications in diverse scenarios. Currently, AssistPlus is customized for use in companies, warehouses and old age homes for location and activity tracking of entities.

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#BackToWork: Smart and Safe !

Effectively enable, manage and enforce workplace safety and security in real-time. Also minimize COVID-19 infections by ensuring optimal density control, social distancing and optimum sanitisation at work locations.

Want to ensure a safe workplace #BackToWork?